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        Guangdong LED product sales nearly 200 country in the world, the internationalization development mo
        Category: Industry news
        Date: 2018-12-18
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        Author: 佚名
        Enterprises above designated size of more than 8200.

        In 2015, according to learn in the LED industry export achievements, LED industry focus on product exports about 125 billion yuan, about 42% of total exports, the country, guangdong LED products sales in the world nearly 200 countries and regions, industry internationalization development momentum.

        The second China LED enterprise international competitiveness need 6 in guangdong foshan officially launched. Semiconductor lighting industry in guangdong province, director of the center for joint innovation SuiShiRong said at the news conference, especially in countries "in" war after implementation, in 2015, the export of Chinese LED lighting 'area' market is about $10 billion, up 43% from a year earlier, accounts for the LED lighting products export ratio is 38%.

        According to statistics, more than 35000 Chinese LED enterprises. Enterprises above designated size of more than 8200. Of guangdong enterprises above designated size has LED more than 4200, accounts for more than half of the country, up to 51%.

        In recent years, guangdong identified will LED and high-end new electronic information, new energy vehicles, biology, high-end equipment manufacturing, energy conservation, environmental protection, new energy, new materials and nine strategic emerging industries such as electronic commerce.

        However, in the LED industry usher in huge opportunities for development at the same time, excess and regional structural overcapacity has become the outstanding problems affecting the development of industry, LED the enterprise facing the urgent the great pressure of "going out".

        SuiShiRong is expected, with the implementation of the strategy of all the national area, export area along the market will grow faster than the national LED lighting products are exported to the overall level, from 2013 to 2020, average annual growth rate of about 58%, to 2020 China LED lighting products for export area all the way around $53 billion, accounting for the share of more than 50%.

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